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I've been using this since November 2023 and I dare say it makes a difference. 

When I started fishing in 1985, I used natural bait, and here smell is important. In fact, it is probably the single most important factor. And for many years now, you have been able to buy scent spray for baits, and it works. However, it doesn't last very long, especially not on hardlures.

THE SCENT is different because it simply lasts longer, smells longer, and gives you that little extra edge when an old pike is following your jerkbait or soft bait. Just swipe it on the lure and it will cling for up to at least 30 minutes. Made from beeswax, fish oils and attractors it has a relatively subte smell - since it clings so well there is no need for overpowering stink to compensate for it washing off fast.

And even when it is not necessary, adding THE SCENT to any bait will never scare the fish.

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