Pike, zander or perch - lake or river

There is no denying it. Predator fishing is crazy good in this area. There are the big lakes and river systems with potential monsters in them. Then there are the smaller hidden venues and they, well they also have potential monsters in them. 

My boats are on trailers and we can fish a wide array of venues. For bigger lakes we use the 5.5 m Kimple Adventure that takes up to 4 guests and for smaller venues we use the 4.5 m Gregor for 1 or 2 guests. 

I mostly target pike myself. But many of the lakes have stunning amounts of zander in them a few have very very good perch fishing. 

I use a variety of techniques.

In targeting pike, one of my favourites is trolling big rubber lures. But this depends on the day or season. Casting is also extremely exciting. The aggressiveness of a pike charging your lure is an adrenaline rush second to nothing. I sometimes combine this with dead-baiting as this, more often than not, result in some very nice bonus fish. I rarely do fly-fishing, but there is a definite potential there, and as a fly-fishing enthusiast you are more than welcome on my boats.

For zander, vertical jigging and relying on fish-finders to target individual fish (pelagic sharp-shooting) can be fantastic, but most suited for single client trips. More traditional jigging and casting can be very fun too if you're a couple of people and trolling almost always produce fish.

For perch, casting viblures or jiggs is my first choice. For jiggs I usually use my own Carolina-style rigg.

In general, we can combine techniques and target species to fit your dreams.


a day (approx 8 hours)

2000 SEK / 1 pers

3000 SEK / 2 pers

4000 SEK / 3-4 pers

Half day (approx 4 hours)

1500 SEK / 1 pers

2500 SEK / 2 pers

3000 SEK / 3-4 pers

This includes all equipment - but you are also welcome to bring your own. You should bring sensible clothing (this is very important so don't hesitate to ask), food and drinks. I will arrange for necessary fishing licence, which is not  not included in the price but between 50 and 100 SEK for adults and often free for children to the age of 16. 

Season: all year