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Pike, zander or perch - lake or river

There is no denying it. Predator fishing is very very good in this area. There are the big lakes and river systems with potential monsters in them. Then there are the smaller hidden venues and they, well they also have potential monsters in them. 

 My boats are on trailers and we can fish a wide array of venues. For bigger lakes like Möckeln we use the 5.5 m Kimple Adventure that takes up to 4 guests and for smaller venues we use the 4.5 m Gregor for 1 or 2 guests. 

I primarily target pike and zander. 

Pike: Casting is extremely exciting. The aggressiveness of a pike charging your lure is an adrenaline rush second to nothing. On most pike-fishing trips we start out locating schools of baitfish and active pikes using Garmin fish finders. The boat has two livescope transducers mounted and we can actively follow fish movements. Mostly we cast lures into these areas holding fish. This produced fish up to 13 kg in the 2023 season. Should the fish decide to be inactive we either find new areas or we use the livescope system to specifically target bigger specimens. If conditions allow it we can also do trolling.

Zander: We either cast into schools of moderately sized zander usually up to maximum 3 kg. This can be very entertaining on a cool summer morning and has produced as many a 35 zander, 12 perch and 3 pikes per day in the boat in the 2023 season. Or we go for bigger zanders. This demands a different mindset. Here, we cruise the lake using the livescope system and only stop and fish for bigger specimens.

A popular way of fishing zander, especially for families and beginners during the 2022 and 2023 seasons was trolling for zander. This can be quite entertaining and its a relaxing way of spending time on the lake. 

 In general, we can combine techniques and target species to fit your dreams.


a day (approx 8 hours)

2700 SEK / 1 pers

3500 SEK / 2 pers

4500 SEK / 3-4 pers

Half day (approx 4 hours)

2700 SEK / 2 pers

3700 SEK / 3-4 pers

Price includes all equipment- but you are also welcome to bring your own. You should bring sensible clothing (this is very important so don't hesitate to ask), food and drinks. I will arrange for necessary fishing licence, which is not included in the price but between 50 and 100 SEK for adults and often free for children to the age of 16. 

Season: all year

Predator fishing from boat
Predator fishing from boat
Predator fishing from boat
Predator fishing from boat
Predator fishing from boat
Predator fishing from boat
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