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The most popular trips of 2022

My trips are always customised but below you will find two very popular combinations

day of Zander on Möckeln

4 people + guide spend approximately 8 hours fishing for zander on Möckeln. On midday we go ashore for lunch and to stretch our legs and maybe use the facilities. Drink a cup of coffee, the or cocoa brewed by the guide before we continue the quest for zander. These trips often provide a decent number of fish and also fish for eating. I will help out in cleaning the fish too. 

Price is 4000 - 4400 SEK inkl. fishing licence and lost lures

This trip is also popular for two people + guide. Price is 3000 - 3300 SEK inkl. fishing licence and lost lures

Two days of predator fishing with 3 nights accommodation

2 people + guide fish for pike or zander for two day on lakes or rivers that I recommend in the area. I will arrange sleeping arrangements in one of the hotels I collaborate with. You arrive on day one and after a good nights sleep we go fishing on days two and three and you get a good nights sleep before your drive home.

Price for the fishing is 5100-5400 SEK including fishing licence and gasoline to bring the boat to the venues. 

Price for sleeping is typically 795 - 895 per night total

Total typically 7500 - 8100 SEK

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