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Try it out before buying all the gear

Carp fishing is just about as geeky as fishing gets.

Its also relaxing, meditative, camping, frustrating and an adrenaline rush all at the same time.

It is also very very expensive when you start out. Just getting the basic setup quickly adds up to 30.000 SEK if not much more. Then there is the not so easily navigated jungle of rigs, hooks, lead core, leaders, boilies, pop ups, wafters, particles etc. etc.

I have been carp fishing since 1989 in Denmark, Sweden, France, Holland, Romania, Hungary, USA, Thailand and even on Gran Canaria.

What I offer is a guided carp fishing trip to a local public well known carp fishing venue. We will go through the basics and I will provide all gear. You will be using a full setup including modern Fox rods and reels, a Nash bivy etc etc.

We will take time to talk about the different aspects like casting (yes its different in carping), pre-baiting, localisation (this one is alfa-and-omega), rigs, hook baits and a tonne of other small things.

As with all other fishing I can't guarantee a carp.

But I can guarantee a that you will be better equipped to start out on your own after this.

Price: 3000 SEK / 1 pers over night

Fishing licence is not included but can be purchased online through the iFiske app and is often free for children below 15 years of age and usually 50 SEK per adult. Don't worry I will help with this.

Season: April - October

What to bring: Sensible clothing, food and drinks.

Big carp
Swedish carp
Slovenian common carp
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