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Run by Christian Krintel the concept of SWEDFISHING is that each trip is tailored to fit.


Experience has taught me that fishing and nature have very different meanings for different people. So, fishing trips should be adjusted accordingly. This is why the trips listed on this page are examples and you should never hesitate to contact me for information.

 Flexibility is key:

If you just want to get out there and have some fun, maybe stop for lunch, do some bird watching and look at the ospreys nest or check out the wreckage of a 19th century steamboat; we will do that.

If you want to target the big fish not bothering with small-fry we will aim big and only big (that’s what I do when I go out on my own).

If you want to catch a pike on jerkbait, we will go and get you a pike on jerkbait.

If you just want to go for a boat ride and look at the great outdoors above and below the surface, we will do that.

If you want to learn how to catch a roach, perch, bream or cast lures. I will gladly teach you.


Guarantees would take the fun out fishing. But know, that I have more than 35 years of sports fishing experience from around the globe with 12 of them spent in this area.

And I will do everything to get you that bite.

fishing and nature goes hand in hand
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