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early morning fishing trip


We focus on the sustainability of our fishing. This means that it's not only about following the local legislations but about thinking for ourselves. 

We never kill big fish

Most lakes have a minimum size for fish to be harvested. Some, but not all, have a maximum size. 

We believe strongly in the idea of preserving bigger fish as these have immense importance maintaining population and, in particular for predators, to preserve biodiversity. We therefore only harvest fish of a certain size.

With a few exceptions, we  use barbless hooks and take care in releasing fish with as little harm as entirely possible. 

As such, we implement catch and release with but within reason. There is nothing wrong with harvesting fish sustainably and zander in particular is a very delicious fish. In fact, for many lakes like Möckeln a maximum, rather than minimum, length of harvestable fish have been introduced to strengthen the sustainability of the fishery.

Less fuel

Our boats are light weight aluminum boats and have relatively small engines. The smaller "Fiddler" carry a 20 HP Suzuki, while the larger Adventure carries a 60 HP Yamaha. Both have modern electronic fuel injection (EFI) and thus optimised for a low environmental impact.

This also means that if you're looking to travel at 60 knots, you should look elsewhere. We will get there but it might take 5 minutes longer. Our top speeds are 20 to 28 knots depending on boat and load.

In addition, during fishing and some transport scenarios we don't use them at all instead relying on a GPS controlled electric 24V 80lbs thrust Xi5 trolling motor. Apart from a low impact on environment this motor hardly makes any noise at all. 

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