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The popularity of sports fishing is ever increasing and to accommodate this I have put together a programme with three steps which can also be booked as stand alone events


After an inspiring presentation we will decide on a goal that fits your company. We will then train for it and finally go fishing. 


The programme is completely customised and each segment can booked individually.  

Fishing trips

At your place of work, I will give an approx 90 minute presentation on fishing featuring pictures, videos and stranger than fiction anecdotes from 35 years of fishing on 4 continents. From Greenland to Thailand to California to Scandinavia. Back in Scandinavia we direct focus towards our future common fishing trip. Apart from talk I will bring the gadgets of the trade with me. At least 10 different fishing rods, 30 different lures, smelly bait, electronic bite alarms, the all seeing fish finder etc. to be seen, smelled, felt and heard.
From 3000 SEK (stand alone event)

Fishing Lures

At your place of work I will bring a fishing rod setup that is suited for our future trip and we will learn and get a bit of practice using the gear. 
Depending on your decision for the future trip we will use either my gear, rental gear or purchase equipment specifically for your trip. For most, as those suggested below, we can use my equipment or rent in place.
The duration of a training session is approximately 4 hours.
From 400 SEK per person (stand alone event - minimum booking is 4)

Fishing trip

It could be an overnight trip to a Möckeln resort were we use one or both of my boats to target zander. It could be a trip a to a put and take lake were we catch stocked trout. It could be a day of sea fishing in Öresund.
It could be any trip anywhere in the world. It depends entirely on your wish and we don't have to decide before the training begins. 
Swedfishing also organise food, drinks and accommodation through our collaboration partners. Examples of trips are listed below.
Common to all trips is that the participant with the biggest fish, best attitude, longest cast or which ever you decide wins a free guided tour from my list.
Contact me for for a quote

TRIP examples


Stay overnight at one of the resorts at Lake Möckeln and enjoy the exiting pursuit of zander in teams of 2-4 participants, 3-4 hours at the time, for the duration of the stay. Those of you not fishing enjoy the sauna, canoes, beach-volley or just a glass of wine in the sun. Conference rooms are also available.

Zander is a very delicious fish and eating size fish are very common in Möckeln. I will demonstrate how to clean the fish and provide my favourite recipes.

One or two training sessions is recommended to get the most out this trip.


From 750 SEK / participant. This includes presentation, one training session and equipment rent.

Price does not include accommodation at lake Möckeln, food and drinks which can be booked directly trough me.

Suitable for 4 - 16 participants

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From Sweden or Denmark we set out on Öresund for a day, half-day, evening or morning (which ever fits). We will have the ship for ourselves and decide where to go and what to target. Depending on the season we will catch cod, flounder, mackerel or herring. Longer trips could target deep dwelling species such as wolffish and ling.

Equipment including lures and bait is available on board along with food and drinks including "Danish Smørrebrød". 

A single training session focusing on rod reel and tackle is recommended to get the full experience from the trip.

This is done in tight collaboration with "Spar Lystfiskeri" and we accommodate parties from Denmark and Sweden.


From 800 SEK / participant. This includes presentation, training session, fishing and rental of rods and reels. Price does not include food and drinks.

Suitable for 4 - 40 participants

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