1600 SEK for up to 5 people

Learn how to cast and extend the range of your fishing.

You might have seen people casting a lure far distances using a spinning or casting setup and would like to learn for your self. Don't worry it isn't rocket science.

In this session I will teach you, friends and family the skill of sending a lure flying.

Children down to 5, sometimes 4, years of age will be able to take benefit from this type of session if accompanied by adults.

I will supply all equipment. But you are more than welcome to bring your own. In fact, if you do have you'r own it's good to bring that too. It's a bit like riding a bike; it's better to learn it using you'r own. Fishing licence is not included but can usually be purchased online through the iFiske app and is often free for children below 15 years of age and usually 50 SEK per adult. Don't worry I will help with this.

Duration: approximately 4 hours 

Best season: all year

What to bring: Picnic basket and practical clothing.